viernes, 24 de octubre de 2014

Times change ....time ( version English )

Times change time

"As times change and only the memory remains" quoting this phrase of a song written by Poncho Zuleta begin to analyze today's times, nothing compared to the peace of yesterday.
Such is the ingenuity of our disappearing farmers went to work the staple crops for coca to state disinterest in the subject field and 7 land reforms enshrined in the 1991 Constitution (Article 58).
The same occurs in youth, in past decades the tranquility of the streets was generally not suffered to know what site were the children, because we were always on the platform until 8 pm, today the issue is different from the children "send" to sleep in their parents and do what seems pleased by addition to the change of authority in the family allows the constitution (Article 16) but remember, although I am not of this time, the 60's inspired by Hippies in the 60s with his rebellion, protest music and fashion of cannabis, the last thing still continues although some vestiges are preserved.

Yesterday the only thing we trasnochaba was "Monareta" or crystal balls, so young now only dream easy money truck and have a profitable business that can easily generate them some revenue. The innocence of our time today is just easier to get into bed to anyone to the altar, what we did when we launched more children was "a look" without the possibility flirtatious greeting much less output.
The quality of education is so clear that today can be demonstrated in young people and their preparation escaza, yesterday the "whip" civility, teaching hymns formed for tomorrow in today's time the phenomenon of social networking deforms, hurts and corrupts but are attentive parents, which I called the hotel and as television, where the breast just think the Reality and only speak to family mealtime.

The country and society are torn between values ​​and principles which may seem went to garbage can, while it is true that violence in the correction of the fathers to their children is not permitted if there are other means to promote the good behavior, for example there are children.
We need more young people active in social, environmental and cultural, the hope is centered in them, but must break the skepticism of their parents on issues such as peace, young people are the heirs of what today is made and therefore must defend swashbuckling d change processes, to demonstrate what it really means change, ideas and opportunities.
Farewell to the "traqueta culture" that has distorted the image of "noble" "silver cup" that does not exist! _ Now that there is a prominent new wave of "traders" with dubious heritage and eager to turn this small town in the small Med **** without stigmatizing, because I believe that this land is strong and has shown that you can change and position as one of the best in the country. The difficulty will assimilate it brings social attacks, violence, insecurity and lawlessness, unfortunately some cities have become safe havens for the Mafia and the bottom line is there. UNTIL NEXT (visit my Blog

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