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To teach at a university

to teach at a university

                                                                                                                       As a tribute to those who have the task of awakening thought in young today I bring you an important description of the things that makes a teacher every day, going from astonishment virtues, intelligence of their students and also disappointments in some cases applies this piece of foreign experience for any college in the country. TO GIVE LESSONS IN A UNIVERSITY ... .You have to get up early. You have to have soul police to detect suspected fraud. You have to invent a curriculum every six months. You have to change the program every six months or so it looks maquillarlo supported by the latest in pedagogy. You have to use the ugly words like interdisciplinary context or develop software. You need to include the absurd things like goals and objectives, theoretical framework and justification program. You have to dress well earning little money. You have to fatten the literature of the program or read books that you have not the slightest intention of reading. You have to be an example of punctuality for the new generation, and you have to interrupt your class any time during the first twenty minutes because students keep coming. You have to repeat each class in what you said in the above, because they forgot. You have to repeat three and four and five times any instruction you give. You must accept the excuses of those who did evil activity because they did not understand the instruction you repeated three and four and five times. You have to use in your speech fewer questions and statements. You have to illustrate what you mean and funny examples, or taken from Facebook or a TV program cases. You have to forget to give the sources of what you say, they do not care. You have to attend committees. You have to raise your hand or voice in committees. You have to pretend you care about the nonsense that your colleagues discussed in committees. You have to make excuses for not attending all committees. You have to accept your mistakes. You have to be a psychologist to understand the attitude of your students. You have to clarify something you said because the teacher of another subject worthy said otherwise. You have to write on the blackboard with large, clear print. You have to understand the emoticons and abbreviations used your students when you write an email or a text message, in other words be graphologist. You have to resign yourself to not to buy a book cheaper it is, and always will be reading underlined photocopies. You have to search on Google a few phrases of the work of your students when you look very well made. You have to sue the plagiarist to the authorities of the university, but you do not because the process is grueling and drama. You have to be as patient as the mother of seven children. You have to use PowerPoint presentations to not fall asleep. You have to become a little actor, emcee and clown. You have to put up with the urge to smoke. You have to put up with the desire to get into bed with some of your students. You have to remember to turn off your cell phone. You have to keep talking it sounds insistently cell. You have to grit your teeth when they answer the call or leave the room to answer. You have to ask at the evidence just what you said in class or what you asked them to read, because if they could not take you to court. You have to correct. You have to use red pen. You have to figure out how they write a cryptographer in the tests. You have to promise that you are qualified and provide evidence when you stumble upon seven students that they ask for them. You have to understand that not all your disciples are Einstein or gifted. You have to have a cell for them (students) and one for the family. You have to stay at the end of the class listening to the ideas that your students are going to turn the world upside down. You have to be translated into numbers that make your students throughout the semester and you have to learn how to use Excel hateful to reduce those numbers one final. You have to discuss how criminal lawyer with students who did not pass the course. You have to speak well of your principal because your job is in danger. You have to justify to your boss why you lost so many current students, or why they will repeat so few. You have to get up early. You have to invent a curriculum every six months. You have to wonder what you do there again. And you have to stop once and for all to ask. You have to resign. You have to feel a deep love for the academy when you go for so little money. You have to socialize with Che Guevara chicks or right-wing. You have to use a compass because often you do not know which room should teach. You have to change your car for a helicopter to arrive on time to class. You have to take medicine for memory and to know where the hell is the review of individual student. You have to smile is a nice way for everyone to understand so many things you say.
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